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Founded in October 2016, Zhongjimeiye Industry Culture Media Co., Ltd. insists on providing customers with good products, technical support and sound after-sales service in the process of its development and growth. It mainly manages and organizes cultural and art communication activities, exhibitions and other events, and hosts China International Tattoo Convention. With the continuous extension and expansion of the exhibition, China International Tattoo Convention has been recognized and supported by many people in tattoo industry at home and abroad, realizing the integration and interaction with the world tattoo art, promoting the development of international fashion culture in China, and the new concept of Chinese tattoo art has been greatly innovated and developed.
    • Host:Beijing Zhongji Meiye culture media Co., Ltd.
    • Organizer:Beijing Zhongji Meiye culture media Co., Ltd.
    • Official Website:http://tattooexpo-china.com/
    • Cousulting Hotline: 138 1158 9858
    • Tel:010-6465 6330
    • Address:Room 1501, Building B of Tianyuangang center,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
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    Name of person in charge: Hai nuo

    Contact number: 135 2176 0524

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    Name of person in charge: Rihanna

    Contact number: 153 1308 0296

    Mailbox: 1589257619@qq.com

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    • 153 1308 6976
    • 010 6568 5788
    • 010 6465 6332
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